Make your strategy stick with project excellence

Technical projects have a huge part to play in maximising strategic value. Take M&A for example, where activity has been at record levels in the comms industry.

Sellers want to make themselves attractive while cashing out as high as possible. Buyers want to pick the right assets at the right price and have confidence in their potential.

We see both sides of M&A deals because they’re catalysts for large technical projects that migrate customer bases between platforms and technologies.

Support to Win often gets asked to start planning such projects within 100 days of M&A deal completion – and we can make a huge difference.

Spring clean your estate

My advice to sellers is to get your house in order, pre-deal, to achieve the exit value you’re after. We can support this process by:

  • Successfully onboarding customers to new services
  • Completing thorny migration projects
  • Adding skills and impetus to your internal projects team
  • Mapping your estate for buyer visibility

Sometimes the sale process can distract resources away from special projects work or business-as-usual. As a comms smartsourcing partner, Support to Win can take up the strain wherever necessary.

Accelerate return on investment

Underpinning every M&A deal is a business case that hinges on market capture, operational efficiency and economies of scale. Support to Win makes that a reality for M&A buyers and investors too.

Very often it’s the on-theground execution of a technical migration process that makes or breaks a boardroom strategy. A technically ambitious strategy needs the skills to back it up; particularly those rarer implementation skills around telephony.

But conservative strategies can also benefit from being better informed – and bolder – about what’s possible. Having Support to Win on side lets you see the hidden potential of your acquired assets and can accelerate ROI.

Reduce platform migration risk

Comms providers and partners also have other strategic imperatives that go beyond M&A. Naturally Support to Win plays a part here too. One such is platform migrations, where the provider makes a strategic decision to shift their offering or diversity onto multiple platforms.

The issue here is mitigating the risk of migrating your existing customers to a relatively unfamiliar environment – ensuring they don’t churn.

The same goes for onboarding new customers, which has to happen right first time because you never get a second chance.

Contact me at Support to Win to discuss your post-acquisition requirements or to talk through the smartsourcing options for maximising exit value.

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