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Netify is one of the largest UK BT Distributers offering exceptional support across ordering, admin, product training and reporting. Learn more about the Netify BT Reseller Programme by registering your interest here.

BT Business continues to innovate across their portfolio ensuring their new and existing customer base have access to the latest Broadband, Cloud Voice and Leased Line Ethernet products. Alongside direct and local businesses, their indirect sales channel is growing fast with Partners and Resellers selling into their own base of customers and achieving new business sales. With generous up front commissions and incentives, there’s never been a better time to consider joining BT as one of their Authorised Partners or Resellers.

In this blog post, Robert Sturt from the Netify BT Reseller Programme discusses the options for readers considering becoming a BT Partner or BT Reseller.

What is a BT Authorised Reseller? (Supplier)

Where the BT Partner Programme is not suitable or your business does not qualify, becoming an Authorised Reseller is the simplest route into selling the BT business product portfolio. Resellers are paid a share of the commission but are supported by the Partner across admin, sales training and reporting. There are no official targets or upfront cost so becoming a Reseller allows your business to transact orders as required without pressure to perform. All Resellers are provided with a unique ID (supplied by BT) to track orders and commissions.

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What is a BT Authorised Partner?

The BT Business Partner channel exists for companies which are capable to selling significant volumes across the BT Business portfolio. As a full partner, your company should exist today with a good turnover and capability to sell across product verticals. The Partner Programme carries significant targets across all products and therefore requires careful thought as to whether your business would be able to achieve the required sales. In recent years, BT have reduced the number of Partners in the channel to provide improved focus on helping each Partner achieve  their targets.

Netify will discuss both options to help you understand which route is best for your business.

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How are BT commissions paid?

Commissions are paid at the end of each month based on the SOV (Sales Order Value) of services sold. As an example, if you sell BT Cloud Voice or SOGEA Broadband on a 5 year term, you will be paid a percentage of the total SOV up front once the order is closed.

How to resell BT hosted VoIP

With the BT ISDN and PSTN switch off due to complete by 2025, there’s a huge opportunity for businesses to focus on becoming hosted VoIP resellers. BT Cloud Voice is designed to support customers with basic features which include voicemail and caller ID through to full receptionist console deployment, collaboration, instant messaging and beyond.

How to resell BT ISP services

BTnet is rated as the number 1 leased line service in the UK due to their comprehensive SLA which includes 100% uptime guarantees and excellent latency performance. There’s never been a better time to resell BTnet as more customers require a robust connection to guarantee uptime for their business. Sell 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet connectivity with options for diversity and load balancing supported by fantastic BTnet pricing offers to backup their 100% robust uptime SLA.

How to resell EE mobile

BT acquired the EE business back in 2015 which means all BT Partners and Resellers now have access to the EE Business portfolio of handsets and SIM only. Netify support and transact both BT and EE to our base of resellers across both single handset and SIM deals through to bespoke deals of 10 users plus for larger businesses.


The BT Reseller Programme is commission only, there are no options to white label services. Businesses considering white label products typically engage with BT Wholesale but note that significant volumes are required to achieve a good buy price. The BT Programme is business to business only, you cannot sell to residential customers. When progressing an application, your prospective partner will walk you through guidelines when using the BT brand. It also important to note that the customer is directly contracted to BT Business in the same way as a direct client.

What BT products are available to resell via the programme?

Partners and Resellers are able to resell the following products:

  • BT Cloud Voice (3 users plus) - standard features include hunt groups, online portal, automatic call forward, call transfer with access to Poly & Yeaklink handsets.
  • BT Cloud Voice Express (1 user)
  • BTnet Ethernet Leased Lines with Meraki and Security packages - 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps bandwidth
  • BT SD WAN (Meraki)
  • BT Business Broadband (SOGEA, FTTC, FTTP)
  • EE Mobile (Handsets and SIM only)

What to expect from sales through to delivery

BT products and services work together to deliver the best possible customer experience. When positioning BT Cloud Voice, resellers and partners are selling Broadband and BTnet leased line solutions as the enabler to Cloud Voice. When using BT end to end for branch-office telephony and Internet, the experience is generally excellent. With each sales call or customer interaction, resellers are also able to deliver EE services to work hand in hand with Cloud Voice with applications which allow numbers to seamlessly transfer to mobile.

Netify provide the initial sales training in collaboration with BT Sales Specialists to help your team get up to speed with the BT Business product set. In addition, we offer presales tools to help you qualify the right solution for each opportunity which includes FTTC and FTTP (including SOGEA) availability together with recommended Broadband packages and Cloud Voice bundles. Once you are ready to place the order, simply use our portal to input the exact information required to ensure delivery of products is successful first time.

In order to help your customer keep up to date, we provide weekly reporting and status reports allowing your business to understand progress. Where required, BT Sales Specialists are available to help your business create bespoke pricing and to represent BT at customer meetings.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Robert via this page:

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