How discovery will be key to the recovery

Tamsin Deutrom-Yue Let me take you on a voyage of discovery. It will only take a minute.

In a typical customer comms project, the discovery phase of obtaining detailed, multi-site PBX settings information could take days or weeks.

But time is money, and spending ages getting projects off the ground slows your ‘timeto-cash’ to a crawl.

That’s what makes our latest breakthrough in automated data discovery so game-changing: unlocking data insights in  minutes, with the client or maintainer doing nothing more than providing access details to the connected PBXs.

Gaining accurate site data is crucial when planning extensive upgrades, system migrations and consolidations. Even with lockdown restrictions making it easier to get onsite, all the time and expense really eats into margin.

Our automated data discovery service remotely interrogates all existing settings of any connected PBX with no need to visit sites. And it’s about time!

Comms partners targeting a rapid recovery through faster client acquisition, onboarding and migration can look forward to plain sailing, without complicating new customer relationships with requests for detailed information or risking delays caused by third parties.

In the most complex technical environments, we can reduce the discovery phase from 6 weeks down to just 1 hour – delivering complete, real-time data collected, collated and cross-referenced without human error.

But that’s not all. We understand partners that need to shore-up revenue aren’t solely looking at customer acquisition or switching customers to new platforms. The new normal means innovating new services and responding quickly to changing customer demands.

For example, many customers shaken by ‘the Covid experience’ are concerned about business continuity, making sure future events don’t cause disruption to their comms. Our system allows partners to benchmark and then constantly monitor the present state of customer setups, and conduct remote audits efficiently, quickly and regularly.

And what about supporting customers’ objectives around asset management and governance? With our system, partners can provide regular health checks and inventories. Plus, from a presales perspective, they can spot upsell opportunities for replacing or novating end-of-life components. Every quote and proposal will be fast, accurate and business relevant.

The recovery is also going to mean a lot of change in the channel, with some businesses ascendant and others in decline. That means that, whether looking to exit or expand through M&A, knowing what a customer base is operating will have a big say in determining asset values.

This is yet another application in the Swiss Army knife of use cases for automated data discovery. There’s no way that kind of due diligence would be possible using manual, non-automated processes dependent on visits to every customer site.

What’s more, the discovery engine will have produced a ready to roll migration or consolidation plan that the acquirer can act upon once the transaction goes through.

So whichever way you look at it, discovery is already a big part of your business – especially in how you support and provision customers. But only through automation can discovery deliver a strong ROI. Don’t be left in the slow lane letting faster competitors overtake you on the road to recovery.

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