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Tamsin Deutrom YueMore comms partners are flexibly bringing in technical and operational expertise on new projects when it suits them.

Whether that’s a one-off tactical need to relieve pressure off internal teams or a more strategic sourcing move for implementation and onboarding success – the arguments are highly compelling.

And we’re making them more compelling still with a 30% discount offer running throughout the last 3 months of the year.

3 is the magic number

Good things come in 3s. Like Support to Win once again being Highly Commended in the Best Business Support Services category at the Comms National Awards!

We think that’s triple the reason to celebrate the success of our brilliant team, and triple the way to share our good fortune with new and existing customers.

It all revolves (neatly) around 3 core service offerings:

  1. Order management and fulfilment
  2. Customer onboarding
  3. Project management of implementations and migrations

Each of which are designed to accelerate quote-to-cash, increase customer satisfaction and safeguard revenue.

Smartsourcing rather than outsourcing

As more comms partners embrace external project expertise, one of the strange things we’ve found is how people in the channel react to the word “outsourcing”.

Is bringing in skilled trainers, project managers and onboarding engineers the same as “outsourcing” key project functions? You’d be surprised just how few channel folk use that terminology. Fewer still refer to “insourcing”, which should mean the opposite but ends up meaning the same.

Instead people like ‘smartsourcing’ because it more accurately sums up what goes on. Smartsourcing is putting skills where they are needed; augmenting existing resources and combining to create a seamless customer experience.

Plan ahead for bluebirds

The other great thing about smartsourcing is how it can be spun-up and turned-down on demand. Your approach might mean it’s appropriate for project A, but not project B. Or there might be certain elements that apply in some circumstances but not others.

It’s still wise to plan ahead, knowing what your smartsourcing options are before you need to call on them. For example, the next time you get an unexpected bluebird land on your lap – you want the freedom to decide whether to deliver the project in-house or engage smartsourcing. The alternative is having limited options or no options at all.

Run a smartsource proof of concept

The only way to see how smartsourcing works for you is to take the plunge on an initial project. Use it as a proof of concept and see what you can learn. Target some key objectives like speed of delivery and get feedback from the customer on quality and overall satisfaction.

Ultimately, smartsourcing works best with some special sauce from your chosen partner. Support to Win would love to show you what’s possible. Get started on one before the end of the year and you’ll save more margin with a 30% discount.

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