DNA your way to risk-free deployment

Some comms and contact centre deployments require the seemingly impossible. The devil’s in the detail – and it’s always ready to bite you in the behind – especially when migrating complex configurations from old to new.

All that’s changed thanks to Support to Win’s automated DNA platform. It’s nothing short of a revolution, slashing the prep time for pre-project readiness and removing any risks of error associated with manual data crunching.

DNA stands for Discover, Normalise, Automate. How it works is, frankly, very boring indeed. It’s the benefits that are worth getting excited about!

No post-migration issues eating at your deal margin

For instance, the rule of thumb with any project is the more connections, users, groups, etc. – the higher the chance of post-deployment / migration issues creeping in. With DNA it doesn’t matter how big you scale up or how complex the environment gets, the risk curve stays flat.

Turn over deals faster

DNA drastically reduces project timelines by squeezing marathon-length discovery phases into sprints. And because discovery often throws up issues and feature gaps, you can identify these early and get them out the way rather than have them derail progress later. It all adds up to faster order-to[1]cash.

Wield discovery as a presales tool

Another advantage is DNA’s silent running which makes it totally non-disruptive to existing operations while you audit them. This zero downtime, combined with DNA’s speed, makes it a compelling presales tool. It’ll tell you to the last tiny detail how a deployment is going to go before you’ve sold it.

‘DNA’ contact centres as well as PBXs

DNA is a multi-platform, multi-technology toolset that ingests it all and applies it to the target data model. Ideal for consolidating multi-vendor environments. And just as at home with contact centre call flows, skills, VDNs and IVRs as with PBX feature sets, configs, devices and line statistics.

Drive new asset management and governance services

Partners positioning themselves to win ‘forever customers’ need to be ‘forever relevant’ and deliver enduring service wraps alongside projects. Cloud tech has pulled the rug on traditional maintenance contracts, but regular health checks, inventories and estate management remain a big opportunity – if you’ve got the technical knowhow. In other words, the right DNA!

DNA is proving immensely popular with partners involved in a variety of migrations and deployments, including from legacy to MS Teams. And with ‘contact centre automation’ being such a buzzword in the industry, DNA is delivering just that to CC builds and implementations.

Contact me at Support to Win to discuss your requirements or arrange a DNA demo to explore the power of this exciting platform.


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