Microsoft partners join forces to combat cyber threats

Responding to the ongoing rise in cyber threats and attacks Microsoft partners BOM IT Solutions and cybersecurity firm Ontinue have joined forces to deliver greater protection to businesses.

The link-up will leverage BOM IT’s knowhow in business IT infrastructure and solutions and Ontinue’s skills in Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) cybersecurity services. 
BOM IT Solutions security chief David Trump said: “Reports are showing that there is an increasing risk to businesses of being the target of a cyber attack. 

"Attacks over the last year or so have shown that criminal gangs aren’t discriminating against sector or industry, or the size of the business. 

"Actors are looking to steal data and cause disruption to businesses services, day-to-day operations and harm them reputationally, while also damaging the business financially though ransom demands and loss of earnings.”

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