Maintel launches Insight Secure service

Maintel has unveiled Insight Secure, a suite of consultancy and security services that provide organisations with intelligence to protect their data ND aid the planning and development of their cybersecurity management. 

The end-to-end service takes a holistic approach, with Maintel’s team of Certified Threat Intelligence Analysts assessing and advising on cybersecurity, alongside staff awareness training to educate employees on key security procedures.
Rufus Grig, CTO at Maintel, said: “You can’t secure what you don’t know, and it’s important to identify security vulnerabilities before attackers find them. 
“We recommend a Security and Network Health Assessment as a starting point to determine the attack surface, including ways it can be exploited by a potential hacker, and then perform active scanning of the network to test the strength of the perimeter firewall. 

"The next phase uses our cyber assessment tools to analyse network vulnerabilities. The final phase is a professional assessment of the current threat level and a structured plan to complete the remediation works, prepared by our team of Certified Threat Intelligence Analysts.
“Insight Secure is another string to our bow, meaning we can offer businesses of all sizes the visibility which is vital to their security.”

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