labdesk unlocks cloud potential in regulated sectors

Microsoft partner labdesk aims to help IT teams drive greater value from their cloud deployments with the launch of a new cloud and cyber security platform along with services designed to optimise teams working in regulated sectors.

The Warrington-based company's founders, Mike Douglass and James Rooney, have focused on generating significant outcome-led value for end customers in specific verticals through a combination of specialised managed services across cloud, IT and security, focused in particular on the science, aerospace, engineering and clean energy sectors and their supply chains.

Douglass and Rooney have accrued significant experience providing managed IT and technology services to the clean energy and engineering sectors and have harnessed the potential of cloud transformation versus cloud migration, basing their proposition on what they call 'technology value drivers’.

Douglass stated: “Innovative teams and sectors are a driving force towards making the world a better place, from advancing science to improving how we live; and with the fast paced world of innovation and business it's important teams within these sectors have access to the right technology."

With this in mind labdesk curated a suite of cloud offerings built in partnership with the Microsoft Azure and 365 technology stacks.

"We also teamed up with leading technology vendors to optimise partners' experience, enabling rapid deployment, scalable services, improved reliability and support," added Douglass.

Rooney noted that labdesk also priorities maximum engagement with partners and customers. "We are focused on delivering XLAs (experience level agreements) as well as SLAs," he stated. "A focus on experience can elevate the businesses we work with and provide relevant tools and technology to enable them to do what they do best."

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