Barracuda warns of automated cyber attack surge

Highly developed and automated cyber attacks are increasing in volume and becoming more widespread warns Barracuda Networks.

The security provider raised the alert in its Threat Spotlight study which found that during November and December 2020 the top five web application attack types were dominated by those using automated tools including Fuzzing Attacks, Injection Attacks, Fake Bots and Application DDoS.

Barracuda has urged organisations to act fast and contain the growing threat with Web Application and API Protection services, representing a significant opportunity for security resellers.
“Over the coming year we can expect attacks against automated bots, APIs and software supply chains to develop in quantity and sophistication, especially as these newer attacks have fewer protections and defences blocking them," said  Barracuda Networks Senior Product Marketing Manager Tushar Richabadas.

“Organisations looking to bolster their defences against this growing threat should look for a WAAP solution that includes bot mitigation, DDoS protection, API security and credential stuffing protection, as a minimum, and make sure it is properly configured."

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