Bamboo looks to AI to boost mobile security

Customers of Bamboo will benefit from boosted mobile threat defence following a link up with Oxford-based mobile cybersecurity company Traced.

Finding that 40% of CISOs regard employees using personal devices to access corporate data as their top security challenge for 2021, Bamboo is looking to the AI capabilities of Traced to protect clients from attacks on mobile and IoT devices.

The partnership boosts Bamboo’s Security as a Service proposition and helps the company converge its ICT and cyber security offerings.

CEO Lorrin White said: “It’s very easy to focus on being just an ICT provider or just an expert in cyber resilience, but at Bamboo we believe the services are inextricably linked and so we’ve worked hard to find risk mitigation solutions and partners that complement our existing services.

“Change is challenging for many businesses and never more so when the risk of operational and/or financial damage is growing by virtue of a more digital world. With the take up of remote working increasing and the move to IP services ramping up, mobile security should be on every board agenda.”

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