Aryaka bolsters Zero Trust WAN solution

Aryaka has launched the next evolution of its Zero Trust WAN with the inclusion of Secure Web Gateway and Firewall-as-a-Service, enabling enterprises to enforce security policies across offices and remote users.

According to Dennis Monner, CCO of Aryaka, this unified SASE approach provides enterprises the security, connectivity, and flexibility to adapt to an unpredictable future.  

“Today’s CIO is asked to not only transform the enterprise but do it while battling a relentless cyber threat, and all with even less people and resources,” he said.

“We attack the problem from a unique perspective,” added Renuka Nadkarni, Aryaka Chief Product Officer. “By integrating security into our global, software-defined network and delivering it as a service, we enable enterprises to instantly ‘turn-on’ a SASE architecture that was built in, and for, the cloud.”

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