Spitfire launches own-built hosted platform

Spitfire is hoping to unlock a greater share of the hosted comms market with the launch of Hosted PBX 2.1. 

A key factor of the proposition is competitive pricing, according to the company, which developed the service in-house enabling it to cut out third party costs and offer free set-up on one year contracts. 

The service is delivered over Spitfire's own Voice Approved Broadband circuits with guaranteed call quality and SLAs. 

"Using Spitfire's circuits guarantees the end-to-end call QoS has guarantees on latency, jitter and delay upstream and downstream," stated Dominic Norton (pictured), Sales Director. 

"Should there be a service outage there is automatic failover to another number based on customer selected parameters."
Norton also noted that Spitfire is planning a series of no cost upgrades to the service.

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