NFON lifts curtain on Cloudya

Pan-European cloud PBX provider NFON is set to launch a WebRTC-based core product.

Called Cloudya, the device-independent and intuitive comms tool has been described by CEO and CFO Hans Szymanski as 'another important milestone in the history of the NFON Group'.

"With Cloudya we are laying the foundation for dynamic and constant development on the way to comprehensive UCaaS offerings from NFON AG," he stated.

The cloud telephony market is said to display a compound average annual growth rate of 16%. Furthermore, 26 million seats are forecast for the cloud PBX market in 2022. 

"This development is reinforced by still increasing mobile and continuously changing working practices," stated Markus Krammer, Vice President Product & New Business.

"The market is literally crying out for solutions that can withstand this development."

For the first time, NFON AG is offering a Europe-wide and homogeneous tariff model with Cloudya.

ClThe solution will be available for Chrome in its latest version as of November 1st, 2018. 

Until February 1st, 2019, the launches for the mobile apps iOS (from 10.0) and Android (from 7.0) as well as the desktop apps for MacOS from 10.12 and Windows 10 including the browser versions for Safari and Firefox will take place successively.

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