Mental Health Associates launches channel support website

People working in the ICT channel community who are suffering from poor mental health now have access to a first response ‘listening post’ website launched by Mental Health Associates.

The organisation was founded by Peter Orr and comprises a group of trustees dedicated to alleviating the negative effects on mental health of the coronavirus pandemic and other stress points, urging all those affected to not suffer in silence.

“It was important to have the  website up and running so we could  reach the broad range of individuals and companies that MHA can help ," said Orr.

"We can  now showcase our vision and the work we are doing. We will also use the site to promote our mental health awareness programme.  

"We hope the ITC industry will get behind the charity, as launching  during the pandemic has been  challenging, particularly with fundraising etc. The development of the website and the support of Comms Dealer has been a great help.” 

Comms Dealer Editorial Director Nigel Sergent added: "Comms Dealer is delighted to have aided Mental Health Associates in getting the website up and running.

"Sometimes a friendly person to talk to is all that’s needed. Someone who can empathise with the issues you are facing, someone who knows our industry well and can talk things through with you calmly and pragmatically and put you on the path to better mental health."

Mental Health Associates is aiming to raise £50,000 to train 50 Associates. If you would like to donate please click here...

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