March issue 2023

In this issue
  • Catch up with the latest news
  • Special Report: Openreach flexes PSTN closure muscle
  • Interview: New funding model emerges in ‘post-leasing’ world
  • Business Profile: Xelion UK: From start-up to key player
  • Interview: Excalibur CEO on optimising your value
  • Insight Session: Full fibre adoption barriers identified
  • Interview: Zen's Howarth on beating 2025 inertia
  • Special Report: TelcoSwitch CEO on move to CPaaS
  • Interview: 2025 - At last a plan, says Rishbeth
  • Profile: CTS Bunches up with Google
  • Sector Review: Channel displays ongoing resiliency
  • Women on Boards: Fostering high potential women
  • Comms People: This month’s movers and shakers