March issue 2020

In this issue
  • Catch up with the latest news and events in comms
  • Top Story: Clock runs down on legacy circuits
  • News Interview: Surging IPCortex set to make waves
  • News Interview: TalkTalk Business MD advances full fibre mission
  • Profile: Sir Clive Woodward on discovering the DNA of champions
  • Profile: Halpin on building his real world ‘cloud cuckoo land’
  • Workplace Trends: Time to bring on the HR visionaries
  • Market Insights: Meet the smart city programmer
  • Interview: Gamma CEO talks UCaaS expansion
  • Market Insight: Why mobile data matters
  • Case Study: Video marketing pays off
  • Why every business needs a customer retention strategy
  • Viewpoint: IT resellers sniff the comms pie
  • Comms People: This month’s movers and shakers