March issue 2018

In this issue
  • Catch up with the latest news and events in comms
  • News Report: Daisy on the supremacy of convergence
  • Business Interview: Chris Doggett calls time on legacy
  • Special Report: SimCon event shows Simwood’s growing influence
  • Profile: NTA claims a hosted game changer
  • Interview: Clifford Norton displays true potential at scale
  • Report: Why UCaaS could emerge as the de facto solution
  • Special Report: Chess on how prizing people proves a workplace winner
  • Market Review: What the finance sector can teach us
  • Legal Matters: GDPR priority checklist
  • Profile: Lascom on the value of true partnerships
  • Kaleidoscope: Why are there so few women leaders in IT and telecoms?
  • Comms People: This month's movers and shakers