July issue 2020

In this issue
  • Catch up with the latest news and events in comms
  • Top Story: Boxx solves NHS fibre emergency
  • Insight Session: UCaaS potential unleashed by lockdown crisis
  • Postcard from MiVaD Virtual
  • Demand hots up for mission-critical remote connectivity
  • Profile: Charterhouse CEO fuses foresight and strategy
  • Adept CEO on why becoming a MSP is vital
  • Interview: Why culture underpins growth
  • Interview: How Onecom CEO has adjusted to, and harnessed Covid-19
  • Profile: Chris Papa - A father of invention
  • Insight: Why resetting your mindset is critical to lockdown recovery
  • Insights: How Covid-19 lockdown impacted my business
  • Insights: Why sales strategies must change post-Covid 19
  • Kaleidoscope: Where do the big opportunities lie post the lockdown?
  • Workshop: Why it's time to repoint your marketing
  • Comms People: This month's movers and shakers