April issue 2018

In this issue
  • Catch up with the latest news and events in comms
  • Top story: Gender diversity initiative kicks in
  • Profile: Gamma Chief Exec Bob Falconer poised to step down
  • Business Matters: Q1 comms sector company analysis
  • Profile: Why Advance CTO Jon Wrennall switched keyboards
  • Round Table: Solving the ever complex connectivity equation
  • Going Wireless: Empowered by advanced Wi-Fi
  • Interview: Openreach thrives on independent stage
  • Round Table: Why it’s time to make gender diversity top priority
  • Conference Report: Pragma set for cloud milestone
  • Update: Entanet CEO challenges the connectivity status quo
  • Interview: FarrPoint on consultancy matters
  • International Focus: US giant Edgewater Networks targets Europe
  • Interview: McMinn on why Marston’s Telecoms is one to watch
  • Profile: Fully charged up for wireless business
  • Comms People: This month's movers and shakers