Trust Distribution acquires SOS Communications

Manchester-based Trust Distribution has acquired fellow distie SOS Communications, which will continue to operate under the SOS name as a Trust Group brand.

SOS founder and MD Colin Hepher is a long-time friend of Trust MD Vince Leahy (pictured) and he decided to sell his business for personal reasons. 

"We know each other so well," said Hepher. "We live in strange times and the passing of my friend led to a conversation with Vince and his wife Jane, the Financial Director, which ultimately brought us to where we are today."
Leahy added: “This is a great addition to the Trust operation and complements our 100% channel commitment. The 500 resellers customers we partner with know we will never break that promise to ever compete with them.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to be with us for some time but it has already changed the face of business communications for ever.
"No longer will enterprises be reliant on an office-based workforce but instead deploy a dispersed set of employees that can drive their business forward through the use of communication technology that leverages the benefits mobile responsiveness to customers and remote working.
"The coming together of Trust Distribution and SOS Communications will continue to open up and build upon these application opportunities for our partners.”

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