Focus dials-up mobile growth with Cellular Solutions deal

Focus Group has acquired Cellular Solutions to leverage its long-standing relationships with O2 and Vodafone.

Cellular Solutions specialise in the delivery of mobile services and communications solutions to businesses across the south east, from its offices in Brighton & Hove. 

The deal was influenced by a long-standing affinity which exists between the founders of the two companies; one which predates the inception of Focus Group.

Ralph Gilbert, Co-Founder & Director at Focus Group said: “We’ve been knocking on Cellular’s door for years, clear in the knowledge it was a strong business and one with which we wanted to join forces.”

Damian Mottram, Founder and CEO at Cellular Solutions added: “The time is right and it has been the correct decision to head into the future with Focus Group.

“There has been a commonality of engagement and enjoyment in working within our marketplace combined with all-around long-standing positive relationships.”



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