Dublin MSP DC Networks falls to Calligo

The purchase of Dublin-based DC Networks is Calligo's sixth acquisitive step on the pathway to international expansion.

DC Networks specialises in IT support, comms, networking and managed Microsoft Azure services. 

Over the past three years Calligo has pocketed five other acquisitions, three in Canada and two firms in Guernsey and Luxembourg.

“Ireland is a rapidly growing market, but particularly in its appetite for innovative technology," said Julian Box, founder and CEO of Calligo.

"It is populated by a high proportion of ambitious, data driven businesses eager to explore how they can make the fullest use of their data and make it work harder for them. Ireland was the logical next step for Calligo’s international expansion.”

Robert Doyle, Director of DC Networks, added: "The wider portfolio of data services, including data privacy, automation and AI, are exactly what businesses across Ireland need."

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