Engage Hub launches AI-powered Next-Gen IVR

Customer engagement business Engage Hub has added an AI-powered IVR solution to its platform enabling a more personalised customer experience and full, A10 Networks, cross-channel integration.

“AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) means that the IVR does not simply react to keywords, but continually improves its understanding," said Chris Crombie, Senior Product Owner, Engage Hub. 

He explained that a query that the IVR may not understand today, perhaps because it’s too complex or expressed in an unusual way, will be understood and automated in the future.

"The solution, which is part of the Engage Hub platform, integrates with all other customer channels, simplifying what for many customer-facing businesses is a daunting problem," added Crombie.

“With conversational IVR, customers can use their voice to quickly get the answers they need. 

“But it’s the integration with other channels that really makes the difference. This isn’t a simple add-on, but instead offers a unified customer service. 

"A customer calling at peak time can, for example, get answers to their simple questions quickly, and then request an SMS to join a web chat with a customer service representative when they are free.

“One of our clients, a major UK health and beauty retailer, has seen two-thirds of common queries dealt with by conversational IVR. 

"This means agents are now free from mundane tasks so they can focus on more complex customer care cases.”

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