Dubber set to scale up following fund raise 

Dubber has raised almost £12m ahead of a global scale up and platform investment programme. 

"This investment will go towards our expansion into new deployments with service providers across the globe, particularly in North America and Europe," said CEO Steve McGovern. 

The company already has agreements with 92 telecoms service providers. 

"These existing relationships will be instrumental in driving customer uptake of our services and bring long-term value through recurring revenue," added McGovern. 

The funding will support growth opportunities  through Cisco BroadCloud which incorporates Dubber's recording service, pointed out McGovern.

He also noted that an agreement with IBM to market a joint technology solution will enable Dubber to take advantage of IBM’s client base.

Dubber's platform – which enables the integration of third party applications through its open API – is another key area of investment. 

"We will invest in expanding our ecosystem of connected applications that will ultimately deliver solutions for all users, from large enterprises to small businesses," said McGovern. 

"Dubber’s investment will help to propel our global user base by expanding our core functionality to include advanced AI services that are available for every phone."

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