TalkTalk demerger drives leadership changes

TalkTalk Group has confirmed a new leadership structure as it demerges its main operating business into three standalone companies, the B2B Wholesale Platform, TalkTalk Consumer and TalkTalk Business Direct.

The leadership of each will be overseen by Tristia Harrison, TalkTalk Group CEO, who will chair an Oversight Board through to the point of legal separation on March 1, 2024.

From March, Harrison will move to be a non-executive director of the B2B Wholesale Platform, with Tom O’Hagan, founder of Virtual1 and current MD of TalkTalk Business Wholesale, serving as its CEO.

Adam Dunlop, the former MD of iD Mobile and current MD of TalkTalk Consumer and Supply & Partnerships, will be CEO of TalkTalk Consumer, which is home to 2.4 million residential broadband customers.

Ruth Kennedy will continue as MD of TalkTalk Business Direct., which serves the connectivity needs of approximately 90,000 small businesses.

The new companies will become operationally separate from November 1, and legally separate from March 1, 2024, but will continue to be supported by existing TalkTalk Group shareholders.

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