Swedish solution from Fidelity and Pangea

Fidelity Group has teamed up with Pangea to secure an £80K contract that is helping Visit Sweden maintain optimum connectivity during an office relocation.

Located in the Swedish Embassy building, Visit Sweden is the face of Sweden’s official Tourism Board. Due to refurbishments taking place in its current office, the company needed to relocate temporarily to the ground floor and required connectivity during the relocation. A solid connection was essential, as Visit Sweden consistently need to upload high resolution images to their website.

Fidelity and Pangea provided SIMs to enable a temporary mobile connection delivering a 4G speed of nearly 30mbps download and 10-15mbs upload. Most importantly, the latency was sub 50ms, as a direct result of the efficiency of the Pangea network.

Tim Holway, Sales Manager at Fidelity Group, explains "The Speed and ease of deployment for Visit Sweden enabled by Pangea added a key element of winning this large refurbishment contract for Fidelity Group\"

Dan Cunliffe, Managing Director of Pangea said "We are delighted to see another Pangea partner able to increase their revenue from an existing client.\"

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