Splicecom launches single platform SelectVoice solution

Splicecom has unveiled its new voice platform to reseller partners at a series of regional roadshows.

SelectVoice is a single platform voice solution developed from the ground up that can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or any blend of the two, and is available through capital purchase or pay monthly terms - or a blend of the two.

"Splicecom's heritage is in developing IP PBXs, phones and business management systems," stated Robin Hayman, Director of Marketing & Product Management at Splicecom.

"We've been doing this since 2001. Our SelectVoice system is the latest step on this journey, providing a single platform solution for the smallest business to the largest enterprise."

"Even in the cloud, each customer enjoys their very own system. We don't force them to share it with other businesses as is the case with hosted.

"SelectVoice can run on our MAP and MAP Solo platforms, a reseller provided server, or the customer's existing virtual server for on-premise deployment.

"In the cloud Splicecom can provide micro, small, medium or large vMAP virtual servers, or again the reseller or customer can run it on their own cloud infrastructure."

Stuart Bell, Head of Sales for the UK & Ireland at Splicecom, added: "We have a simple per user licence model that remains the same, totally independent to how SelectVoice is deployed or paid for.

"One price for an outright purchase and one for pay monthly. This makes it easy to price at the point of sale for cloud, on premise or blended requirements. Basically, take the number of users and multiply by the licence price, plus the cost of the phones - it's really that simple."

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