Smartway2 links up with meetonvc

Cloud-based resource scheduling specialist Smartway2 has teamed up with meetonvc to offer functionality that enables Smartway2 users to meet virtually via HD video conferencing from wherever they are, using their preferred device.

Smartway2 is the first scalable enterprise-grade resource scheduling solution with meetonvc integration, providing users with more flexibility as well as a combination of resource scheduling functionality integrated with cloud-based HD video conferencing capabilities.

Simon Hunt, co-founder of meetonvc, commented: "The market for video hardware solutions is in decline according to IDC, a situation that indicates that video conferencing hardware no longer fits with the way that people work.

"Another telling sign that businesses now want powerful collaborations tools that give them the flexibility that they need, is the relentless growth of the collaborative tools market which is enjoying a compound growth rate of 40%.

"With a significant number of business wanting to simply connect their existing IT investment they can now have a successful business-class meeting online without having to worry about how they are joining from any video or audio enabled device.

"We see a significant market shift towards people using the devices they already have, devices they are familiar with and ones they have already invested in. Our role is to simply enable that easier collaboration experience."

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