RIP Guy Tipton

Comms industry veteran Guy Tipton, who was Head of Channel Sales at IP Cortex, has died aged just 56 having fought cancer bravely and with much courage for over a year.

Guy joined IP Cortex following several channel roles where he showed the value of his unique brand of technical and sales skills.

He spent much of his career at BT, which he joined as a teenager back in 1985 as an engineer.

Guy stayed with BT for 22 years, working his way through the ranks and proving that the sky was the limit through specialist, technical, sales and management roles.

In 2007 Guy moved on from BT and quickly appreciated that his skills and experience were valuable in the alternative telecoms sector. He spent seven years with Cable and Wireless which was acquired by Vodafone.

Guy was a formidable colleague to work alongside,” said former colleague and friend David Hanson.

“He had a unique ability to be able to comfortably share business ideas with the boards of large corporates and also have a charming conversation with the person on reception. Everyone mattered to Guy, and he made everyone smile. He will be missed and always remembered by many in our industry.”

He is survived by Lisa, his wife and their four children.

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