Pangea eases Ethernet sales cycle with Instanet

Pangea has followed up its Pre-Ethernet solution launch in 2016 with the roll out of Instanet, a 'smarter' way of connecting customers while they wait for Ethernet, claims the firm.

"Some resellers wait months to receive payments for their Ethernet orders, but Pre-Ethernet has allowed our partners to collect revenue from day one by incorporating a temporary connectivity solution into existing Ethernet sales," said Pangea MD Dan Cunliffe.

"Instanet takes this a step further for partners, removing concerns about overage and maximising their profit with automated, flexible tariffs and contract terms as short as one month.

"This gives partners control and de-risks over-usage by automatically adding more data to the minimum package as required.

"Instanet is all about making the sale cycle simple and driving a better customer experience in the world of Ethernet delivery. When the Ethernet line is installed we can convert the service into a resilient on-demand backup."

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