New look and strategy for Juniper Bridge

Channel facing Juniper Bridge reports it is rebranding and transforming its business from a managed technical support service to an innovative software business.

The company says it has developed its software solutions beyond managed technical support to provide customers with a self-service platform, JuniHub, transforming how resellers can manage their complete connectivity footprint by putting control into their clients’ hands.

Within JuniHub resellers will be able to utilise network monitoring software that rapidly identifies network outages for clients so that they can proactively analyse and resolve performance issues. The software also detects circuit, router and end user problems, significantly reducing business costs.

Clients will also be able to manage customer interactions with a fully integrated ticketing system that captures emails, tasks and call recordings improving end-user customer experience. Other services available will give resellers access to zero touch provisioning of their routers and devices, logistical support and 24/7 technical support team to their end users.

Juniper Bridge Founder, Steve Larkin, commented: "2016 has been landmark year for Juniper Bridge and we’re excited to see how we can help clients in the channel leverage our new solutions to deliver cost savings and operational efficiencies.\"

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