ISPA welcomes Government's broadband ambitions

The Government's ambitions for broadband are 'good news' says the Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA) which supports the Chancellor's aim to connect the majority of homes to faster broadband.
"ISPA is also pleased with the extra Government support for different technologies to deliver broadband to the hardest-to-reach areas and that the Connection Vouchers scheme will be significantly extended as the scheme starts to bear fruit," said ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman.

"ISPA has always wanted to see as many users as possible benefitting from the benefits of broadband, so we note with interest Government's ambition to raise the Universal Service Obligation from 'dial up speeds to 5Mpbs'.

"ISPA will be exploring this with its members, looking at the practical issues a USO presents as part of our wider work on the future of the communications industry.

"ISPA will be working with the Government to understand how these ambitious plans will be delivered. Government will only be able to do so in tandem with the breadth of industry, to ensure Government support is properly targeted and fosters competition."

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