Intelisys Global signs up Equinix

Intelisys Global, a subsidiary of Intelisys Communications, has announced the addition of Equinix to its Supplier Partner portfolio.

An Intelisys Communications Supplier Partner since August 2014, Equinix is one of the first Supplier Partners to extend its contract to Intelisys Global, allowing it to expand its relationship to Intelisys Global's Sales Partners in the UK and Europe.

"There's an adage all sales professionals are familiar with, and that is that it is easier to sell to the customers you already have than to find new ones," said Jay Bradley, Intelisys President.

"In some ways, it applies to exactly what we're doing here with Intelisys Global - we're taking solid, successful partnerships and extending them into new geographies, enabling a whole new community of Sales Partners to gain agnostic access to the world's carriers and vendors in the telecommunications, connectivity and cloud industries."

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