Intec Business Network secures first 'owned' partner

The Intec Business Network has secured its first acquired partner, Hale Communications, since the buy and build venture was launched last year.

Intec's objective is to bring together a network of mobile dealers who recognise the need to broaden their portfolios but do not have the resources to achieve their ambitions to become one-stop-shop comms and IT providers, and thereby add value to their business.

One such partner is Hale Communications (a Vodafone direct dealer for over 25 years) which leveraged Intec's capabilities through a technology team that operates under the SparkHub banner.

Following a period of close collaboration Hale sold a controlling interest to Intec Business Solutions to become the first acquired partner of the Intec network.

Hale co-founder Rob Dey retains his stake in the business and remains MD, while fellow co-founder Paul Dey will pursue non-telecoms related interests following the sale and also act as an ambassador in the newly formed Hale business.

"We have worked closely with Intec over the past year as a partner," explained Rob Dey. "We have engaged on a number of customer technology projects and are looking forward to driving more opportunities.

"The fact that Hale keeps its identity and that I can retain an interest in the business moving forward were fundamental principles to us agreeing to the deal."

Intec is helping mobile dealers to offer their customers cloud-based technologies (particularly Microsoft Office 365), business applications (CRM, ERP and workflow management systems) and IT managed services.

The primary goal is to drive an acquisition strategy and bring strong customer relationships under Intec's wing rather than simply acquiring customer bases with cross sell potential.

"Intec is building a network of telecoms partners who we help to become solutions led businesses, thereby increasing their value," explained Intec Chairman Simon Howitt.

"Our plan is to build the network and within a three to five year period we will look to sell. At this point we envisage it being of interest to PE and have discussed our plan with a small number of PE companies that are monitoring our progress.

"The upside of a PE deal is that 'owned' partners like Hale will benefit from enhanced values and PE will be attracted by the potential to scale.

"We are working with five more resellers and are hopeful that some of these will develop from being partners in the network who introduce customers, to fully integrated and owned.

"Partners who have no desire to sell can also become part of the network and leverage our capabilities."

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