Healthcare sector swamped by data overload

Inefficiencies in information retrieval is having a negative impact on healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses, according to a survey by 3Gem on behalf of TeleWare.

The study revealed that 94% of respondents in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries believe an ability to record and recall information quicker and easier would help improve their performance at work.

The research noted that the healthcare sector is in the midst of a digital transformation and increasing numbers of employees are operating in a digital capacity using mobile voice, SMS and video consultations through the likes of Skype for Business.

"With so much information being processed daily, employees in these industries have a lot to contend with while ensuring patient care remains of utmost importance," said Steve Haworth, CEO of TeleWare.

"Technology is frequently used in treatment and care, but there is a constant need to improve how it can be used in supporting services, particularly when it comes to communication.

"Employees are aware of this, as evident from the research, a quarter of respondents wished their business had communication recording equipment available.

"By giving employees access to a reliable platform that can store valuable communications interaction, these industries could help improve patient experience and outcomes while also reducing cost through greater efficiencies."

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