Hackett takes international lead as Intelisys extends global reach

US-based technology services distributor Intelisys Communications has expanded its operations into Europe and appointed Stephen Hackett to lead the venture.

Hackett brings 15 years telecoms industry experience to the role and moves from NFON where he was Channel Sales Manager.

Previous roles include stints at Gamma Business Communications, Orange Business Services, Level 3 Communications and Telstra Europe.

According to Hackett, Intelisys' international ambitions are to on-board new sales partners to sell telecom, connectivity and cloud services via the US two-tier distribution channel model with dedicated international support in the UK.

"Intelisys will make this alternate distribution model a reality outside of the United States," said Hackett. "The immediate challenge is also our greatest initial opportunity - gaining access to the bevy of talented independent telecom and cloud sales agents dispersed throughout Europe."

JR Cook, SVP of Business Development at Intelisys, added: "This move not only represents an opportunity for our international supplier and sales partners who will be supported out of the UK, but also opportunities for our existing ones in the US.

"We will see many of our existing sales partners expand their presence internationally to grow their businesses. With Stephen's direction we are going to open the doors of opportunity, not just in the US, but the world."

Colt is an international Intelisys supplier partner, and its Chief Revenue Officer, Ernie Ortega, observed: "Cloud has made the world flat again. The opportunities for Intelisys are twofold. Firstly, to continue to enable the US enterprises to expand their reach outside the borders of the US, and secondly to gain access to a new European sales partner community."

Dana Topping, Intelisys co-owner, added. "We owe it to future sales partners in the UK to have a local presence that embodies the Intelisys DNA and commitment to the channel. Identifying Stephen as the right person to undertake this exciting challenge was the most important first step."

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