Commsworld lights pure fibre link between Glasgow and Edinburgh

Commsworld has established its own pure fibre telecommunications route to link networks in Glasgow and Edinburgh, operating at up to 100Gb/s, 5,000 times the speed of an average UK broadband connection.

Commsworld applied its DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) technology to 'light' a span of dark fibre at practically unlimited capacity.

Chief executive of Commsworld, Ricky Nicol, said: "This is a major and exciting step forward for our business as it means that an independent Scottish firm is operating this level of infrastructure rather than it being the preserve of the biggest industry names.

"An easy way to think of the inter-city fibre is as the digital equivalent of a major motorway which is connected at each end and at certain points along the route by regional networks, at exchanges.

"We now have full control over speeds, from the business connection, the local network, to the exchanges and beyond. It means clients with offices between Edinburgh and Glasgow can experience some of the fastest network speeds around."

Chief Technical Officer at Commsworld, Charlie Boisseau, believes the firm is developing a highly exciting network in a sustainable way, and can stand alongside the biggest industry names.

He said: "Over two decades ago we witnessed a series of firms, such as ntl, Telewest and Atlantic Telecom investing and physically installing massive new duct and fibre networks, but without the ability to drive returns on that technology, leading to eventual collapse and consolidation of the industry.

"This left a gulf between the handful of large telecoms operators and very small ISPs or resellers of largely BT infrastructure. That leaves business customers with a very limited choice - and tied to their pricing structures.

"By procuring long term leases of dark fibre already in the ground and applying our own technologies over that fibre, we have further control over costs and speeds, from the customer connection through the city network and even beyond.

"It's now possible for a Commsworld customer to receive a connection between these two cities that we can honestly guarantee does not traverse any third party equipment at the optical level.

"While that may not surprise people who know of our technical capability, it is a mean feat for a provider of our size."

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