Cancom UK&I becomes Telefónica Tech UK&I

Cancom UK&I will now be operating under the Telefónica Tech UK&I brand following its €398m acquisition at the end of July.

"With this move we corroborate Telefónica Tech's growth story and reinforce our capabilities in one of our key markets, the UK&I,” said Telefónica Tech CEO, Jose Cerdán.

Telefónica has already expanded its Belfast SOC, as part of an investment to increase its office space at Catalyst Inc in Belfast, by more than 5,000 sq ft in total. 

This is part of a boosted investment in cybersecurity services which will see a recruitment and training drive of cybersecurity personnel.

Martin Hess, CEO Telefónica Tech UK&I, said: "This investment in our SOC including in capital infrastructure, in our technology, and in our people, is to ensure we have an offering that meets the requirements of organisations with complex and sophisticated cyber security needs.”

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