Albion Rovers fans net free WiFi

Albion Rovers fans can access free WiFi at the Cliftonhill Stadium following a deployment by WiFi specialist 802 Event WiFi.

The Scottish League One team has become only the third football ground in Scotland - after soccer giants Rangers and Celtic - to bring high density free WiFi to their supporters and away fans.

The club's home at Cliftonhill Stadium, which opened on Christmas Day 1919, has created a connected match day experience with instant access to content-rich media and instant information about other games.

Locally-based 802 Event WiFi has installed a system that brings instant WiFi coverage to the complete stadium, including the main stand, the away fans' area, the boardroom and the directors' suites.

The club, which was formed in 1882 from the merger of Coatbridge sides Albion FC and Rovers FC, is deeply rooted in its Lanarkshire community, and attracts substantial volunteering help from local people for functions such as groundkeeping and refreshments.

802 Event WiFi chief executive Felix Gibson said: "Until now, only the Old Firm have been able to offer their fans this level of instant connection with the club and the wider sporting environment.

"Albion Rovers' far-sighted commitment to their supporters and their willingness to embrace innovation shows the way for other football clubs in Scotland, and indeed the UK, to improve the supporter experience.

"WiFi installation also allows a much greater degree of communication between clubs and their fan bases, creating the opportunity to interact with each other in a way that they never have before."

Patrick Rolink, Community Development Director at Albion Rovers, said: "Installing stadium WiFi has shown Albion Rovers to be an ambitious, progressive and forward thinking club. Fan interest and community engagement is at the heart of our growth and continued development.

"The WiFi is free to all fans and demonstrates our ambition and commitment to them and the community alike, encouraging engagement and interaction directly with the club."

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