Hi-tech audio solutions enter growth phase

Hi-tech audio solutions will become ever more vital in the coming years and chief among them are voice assistants which are set to triple in usage, especially in the workplace.
"The days of being stuck to your keyboard, looking at a screen will soon become a thing of the past," said Jesper Kock, Vice President of Research & Development, Sennheiser.

"This scenario is changing to a world where you can work anywhere and accomplish tasks with just the sound of your voice.

"Moving beyond voice assistants, the wider trend is how audio solutions use AI and Machine Learning technologies to learn about the world around us, responding to environmental changes and learning to omit interruptive and distracting sounds."

By 2020 millennials and Gen Z are expected to be the largest segment of the global workforce, demanding a flexible way of working and technology that fits in with their lifestyles.

"Technology solutions will be required to enable flexibility, functionality and remote working," added Kock. "New biometric technology will help to maintain that vital work-life balance.

"Biometric technology solutions will be brought to market enabling employees to intervene and react before stress influences quality of life."

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