Diversity and Inclusion

  • Why ND is not a health issue

    It’s high time we clarified the absolute difference between neurodiversity (ND) and mental health issues, writes ND champ
  • Driving the DE&I agenda

    Colt CPO Catherine Leaver shares insights into how the company is fostering an inclusive culture that enables people to
  • Leading societal change

    It is too easy for business leaders to pay lip service to societal change rather than deliver it – instead, they must dem
  • Driving ND outcomes

    Striking the right balance between promoting neuro-inclusivity and achieving real world outcomes is critical to neu
  • TD SYNNEX UK&I commends 2024 DE&I champions  

    TD SYNNEX UK&I has spotlighted the work done by its staff to create an inclusive working environment through its 2024 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) awards.
  • ND sense eases HR pain

    Pursuing the HR agenda through a neuro-inclusive lens empowers business leaders to personalise people management across the
  • Harnessing neurodiversity

    Support to Win CEO and neurodiversity champion Julie Mills urges channel leaders to kick-start an ND initiative this ye
  • Inspiring women in tech

    Meet Kim Lonas, Global Diversity & Inclusion Programme Lead, DCC Technology – a highly influential change agent dedic
  • Know your superpowers

    The best team performances hinge on human differences being effectively managed, and managers who truly understand neuro
  • ND and the bottom line

    Neurodiversity champion Julie Mills, CEO of Support to Win, discusses how ND appeals to the all important profit motive as
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