UK set for total connectivity, says Cisco

Almost all of the UK population (93%) will be connected to the Internet by 2023, with an average of at least 10 devices each, according to Cisco.

The US IT giant says in just two years time there will be more 5G connections in the UK than there are people living in Canada, with 41.9 million connections expected in total across Britain - three times higher than the entire populations of Wales, Scotland and Ireland combined.
In its annual report, Cisco also says that almost one fifth (19.5%) of total mobile connections will be via 5G in the UK by 2023, 5G speeds in the UK will be seven times higher than the average 4G connection and average broadband speeds UK will grow from 37.8 Mbps to 93.4 Mbps. By comparison, that’s like pitting a human in a race against a cheetah.
“Cisco’s report illustrates the inexorable trend toward a far more connected society. It’s a fascinating projection of a world in which more people will be connected to more things through a wider range of technologies. 

"Over just three years, consumers and businesses will benefit from broader coverage, faster speeds and more reliable performance, creating indelible changes to many people’s lives,” said Kester Mann, Director of Consumer and Connectivity at analyst CCS Insight.  

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