Nimans adds enhanced SIP solutions

Nimans has launched a range of enhancements to it SIP Trunk provisioning portal and provided resellers with a video that demonstrates the new features. 

Graham Wilkinson, Head of Sales, Network Service, said: “The service is integrated into our existing Number Manager portal for the allocation and management of geo and non-geo numbers.

"In addition, secure call recording is reinforced by file storage of up to seven years.”

SIP trunks can be ordered via the Nimans Network Services portal or a Number Manager app as part of the enhanced service that also features real-time fraud alerts.

“This gives resellers greater control and more flexibility to exploit SIP sales which continue to accelerate in view of the ISDN switch off in 2025," added Wilkinson. 

"They can manage all SIP trunks from one platform and make instant changes with a few clicks. 

"Our service aims to put resellers in control and includes adjustable spend limits for outbound calls. It is also interop tested with all major telephone systems. A reseller white label portal is also available."

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