Glide advances student connectivity with Ruckus

Ruckus and Glide have joined forces to provide Wi-Fi solutions to thousands of students across the UK.

UK full-time student numbers stand at circa 1.9 million according to the ONS; and Gartner estimates that there will be 20.4 billion connected 'things' by 2020. 

"This represents a challenge for the multi-dwelling unit (MDU) market since students demand constant Wi-Fi connectivity for their multiple devices," said Meri Braziel, Chief Operating Officer at Glide.

“Students want to be connected everywhere, the Wi-Fi has to cover all areas from the stairs to the common rooms. Ruckus worked with us to ensure the deployment ran smoothly.”

Glide offers fibre-to-the-flat connectivity and has deployed Ruckus’ switching infrastructure into a number of its refurbished student housing locations to complement the Ruckus H510 indoor wireless access points installed in each room.

Glide and Ruckus will continue to collaborate and explore how technology can be leveraged for the next generation of student accommodation. 

Steve Johnson, Regional Director Northern Europe at Ruckus Networks, added. “The student accommodation market is under pressure to deliver a better technological experience to tenants. As we see the rise of smart homes and a constantly connected educational environment, it’s vital that the infrastructure is better than ever.”

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