Elite offers Openreach OSA Filter Connect

Elite is offering Openreach's OSA Filter Connect product to partners and wholesale customers. OSA Filter Connect provides scaleable bandwidth from 10Gbps synchronous to 100Gbps synchronous without needing to regrade the fibre due to configuration limitations in the local exchange.

OSA Filter Connect is one of the newest technologies for high capacity optical fibre data transfer between two locations. 

The hybrid fibre bridges and combines Dark Fibre, Ethernet Point to Points and Wavelengths to offer flexibility and scalability.

Elite offers OSA Filter connect countrywide as a LAN extension, or within 20km to one of its On-net exchanges a high capacity WAN service. 

Elite’s On-net footprint can currently service over 136,000 postcodes covering Manchester, Birmingham and London for WAN services such as Ethernet Fibre and OSA.

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