Cerberus Networks launches 1Gbps FTTP services

Cerberus Networks has launched 1Gbps and 500Mbps FTTP services across the UK using the Openreach network.

"At the same time as offering huge increases in downstream bandwidth, customers can take advantage of a big increase in upstream capacity," said Director Bob Hendy. 

"The 1Gbps downstream service has an upstream profile of 220Mbps, with the 500Mbps product delivering 165Mbps upstream." 

Cerberus has also launched enhanced care packages for all Openreach-based broadband services. 

“The new 1Gbps and 500Mbps FTTP services, together with the new Cerberus Broadband Care bundles, offer an alternative to Ethernet leased lines for modern businesses," claimed Hendy

"This is a really exciting time for broadband customers looking to consolidate their moves to the cloud or to VoIP.”

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