6G innovation hub set to bring Star Wars communications to reality

The UK is set to take a global lead in the development of 6G mobile technology with the launch of an innovation hub that could see the emergence of holographic communications as depicted in the Star Wars sci-fi movies. 

The new virtual hub, called 6G Futures, unites more than 400 world-renowned experts in telecommunications networks, cyber, Artificial Intelligence, digital humanities, social sciences and arts from the University of Bristol and King’s College London, both of which claim a pivotal role in bringing 5G to the mainstream. 
Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, Director of the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab and Co-Director of Bristol Digital Futures Institute said: “The public is only beginning to see the enormous potential of 5G networks, an area which we have been working on for many years. 
Through this new centre, we will now focus on the next generation of mobile networks – 6G and beyond – and the truly awe-inspiring capabilities these will bring. 

Although some concepts associated with 6G, including holography, immersive life and the creation of digital twins, may sound like science fiction, others such as autonomous driving are already well-recognised. 

“Through further development of human-centric 6G networks, the applications of such advances have the potential to further transform how health, arts, transport, and many more systems currently operate,” continued Simeonidou.
“6G will be inherently human-centric and will establish a cyber-physical continuum by delivering real time sensory information, supporting haptics and holograms. This takes us far beyond future-forecasting. Crucially, this is about having the specialist knowledge and expertise to transform visions into deliverable solutions, accelerate innovation, and make a positive difference to society worldwide,” he added. 
Professor Mischa Dohler, Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s, said: “As adoption of 5G accelerates around the world, it’s important the UK is prepared for 6G as the next generation mobile technology. The creation of this centre is a notable moment for the UK technology sector. We will be developing novel architectures, incorporating federated exchange and self-synthesising mechanisms, advance the internet of skills, and embed blockchain, quantum and federated AI technologies. 

PICTURE: Becky Fantham,Unsplash.


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