Focus Foundation welcomes renowned Eastender as its second Patron

Anita Dobson, who gained fame for her portrayal of Angie Watts in the 1980s on BBC1's soap opera EastEnders, has agreed to be Focus Foundation’s second patron.

This follows her participation as a judge for the Sussex Superstars event at their Winter Ball fundraiser in February, marking her second consecutive year in the role as judge.

She said: “I’ve discovered kindred spirits amongst a small but mighty team of individuals who really value supporting and contributing to the community.

“I look forward to helping people and raising money for Focus Foundation so they can do good in the community for children, because we all need a little help at times don’t we.”

Beyond her acting career, Dobson is known for her own philanthropic efforts, working closely with charities including The Matchgirls Memorial, REACT and Phab Kids.

Chris Goodman, Co-Founder and Trustee of Focus Foundation, said: “We are truly honored to have Anita as part of the team and are looking forward to working with her to champion causes as we grow the Foundation in 2024 and beyond.”

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