Altinet steps up for mental health charity

Over the course of June, 23 members of the Altinet team walked 5,523,903 steps to raise money for Leeds Mind, a charity designed to support and enable the people of Leeds to recover from times of poor mental health.

The steps covered by the Altinet team make up 2,762 miles, the equivalent of running the London Marathon over 100 times.

The fundraiser was set up by Rebecca, a Sales Operations Coordinator at Arrow Business Communications (Altinet’s parent company), who also participated.

She was recently appointed as Altinet’s Wellness Champion in April with the goal of improving focus and communication of mental health and general wellbeing, as well as organising engagement with volunteering and fundraising to improve the wellbeing of other members of the community.

She shared: “My passion for mental health support is fuelled by my personal debilitating and life-threatening experience of depression, anxiety and trauma. I believe that nobody should have to face that, or any other mental health issues, alone.

“Once you start to open to the right support network, the chances of recovery and leading a more fulfilling life expand. We are so much stronger together"

Altinet claims there will be plenty more fundraisers coming up and are still taking donations for Leeds Mind:

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