Strategic Imperatives to springboard Elevate at MWC19

Strategic Imperatives is aiming to springboard its Elevate billing platform deeper into international markets by leveraging its presence in the UK’s Innovation Pavilion at MWC19.

According to Strategic Imperatives MD Wail Sabbagh the company's appearance at MWC19 (25-28 February, Barcelona) represents a milestone achievement and is reflective of its future direction.

“Being a part of MWC19 and showcasing our innovation alongside the best in Britain has always been a goal of ours," he stated.

"With our newly-launched multi-country and currency capabilities we know our SaaS revenue assurance solution is ready for the international market."

MWC19's big theme is Intelligent Connectivity, covering 5G, IoT, AI and Big Data among other areas, all of which signal a move beyond the event's mobile heritage. 

"Intelligent Connectivity is pivotal in creating highly contextualised and personalised experiences which consumers are beginning to expect," added Sabbagh.

"As a result of connectivity of this level a rich infrastructure is built which houses all of the data and information that is gathered though these smart devices. 

"If leveraged, this infrastructure can bring a wealth of advantages to all those communication providers which can assist in differentiating themselves from the rest." 

Research by the TMForum indicates that up to 72% of 5G revenue growth will be dependent on the transformation of OSS and BSS systems. 

This, said Sabbagh, plays into the hands of Elevate which integrates into OSS and BSS solutions via its API-first capabilities. 

"Creating a mature ecosystem and being able to monetise expanding these portfolios becomes key to getting a head start on seizing all Intelligent Connectivity opportunities," added Sabbagh.

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